Ensuring equal access to top-range digital infrastructure and services

Our journey to becoming

Ghana’s trusted Digital Infrastructure and Services provider

The Government of Ghana’s (GoG) 1010-Km Eastern corridor fibre cable was originally built to digitalise the government administration across the nation, and to amplify economic activity in the Eastern side of the country. It however lacked the required technical systems and support infrastructure to make it as effective as possible. 

By acting as the commercial wing of NITA, with high-grade systems and support infrastructure, Smart Infraco has enabled the robust, effective and world-class infrastructure that we have today. It is built with the additional capacity and technical support system to meet all of the government’s needs, and to extend it to private enterprises as well.

Enabling high-quality public-private partnerships

Ghana’s digitalisation progress has driven a rising demand for high-quality, affordable, and equally available internet service. As the commercial wing of NITA, Smart Infraco has the responsibility of ensuring that all public and private enterprises alike have equal access to, and enjoy the full benefit of, the nation’s best-of-breed fibre infrastructure. 

Through our world-class, innovative, and reliable services, Smart Infraco enables businesses and government agencies to run all their critical business-applications on the network, to derive maximum output.

Smart Infraco – Our purpose

Smart Infraco provides infrastructure access to accelerate service delivery on the current 3G/4G networks and make the nation ready for 5G. We provide an open neutral-access digital infrastructure that facilitates best-in-class voice and data service for all businesses and consumers.

Our purpose is not only to accelerate the growth and transformation of Ghana’s telecoms sector, but also to ensure equal access to the robust infrastructure solutions that enable private players to digitalise and monetise their goals.

Our promise of value

Your lifeline to enterprise-grade connectivity, created through a seamless digital ecosystem that makes for superior management and operationalisation of your business and services.

  • Access to unparalleled and equitable infrastructure
  • Robust local and global technical support 
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • International standard practices 
  • Competitive pricing
  • Great socio-economic impact
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