Smart Infraco, NITA, and Trend Micro Forge Strategic Partnership for Enhanced Cybersecurity

Smart Infraco Limited is partnering with the National Information Technology Agency (NITA) and global cybersecurity leader Trend Micro to fortify Ghana's digital infrastructure. This partnership, which was signed on 24th April 2024, aims to empower government organisations with robust cybersecurity solutions, ensuring a secure and resilient digital ecosystem that can withstand potential cybersecurity threats. Through NITA's assessment, it became evident that many public sector networks lacked the necessary security protocols, particularly antivirus protection, leaving government data and systems vulnerable to potential security breaches. In response to this pressing issue, the Government of Ghana Enterprise Architecture (GGEA) has outlined a standard security architecture, emphasising the mandatory deployment of antivirus software across all government systems and end nodes. To fulfill this mandate, Smart Infraco as a technical partner of NITA, will install Trend Antivirus Servers at the two national Data centers to efficiently deliver antivirus services to government agencies nationwide.   Under this strategic alliance, Smart Infraco will also provide these services:

Deep Security Deployment:

Smart Infraco will deploy Trend Micro's Deep Security solution within the national data centre. Deep Security will provide comprehensive protection at both the server side and endpoint levels, including intrusion prevention, anti-malware, and integrity monitoring, and safeguarding critical systems and data.

Worry-Free Services Suites:

Leveraging Trend Micro's innovative suite, Smart Infraco will offer government organisations worry-free cybersecurity. This will include Endpoint Security for defending against ransomware and advanced attacks, Email Security for real-time protection against targeted attacks, spam, phishing, and viruses, Collaboration Security for safeguarding online collaboration tools to prevent data loss, and Extended Detection and Response (XDR) for automating threat detection and response. This initiative will enforce compliance with security architecture, and safeguard government data and infrastructure against cyber threats.  

About Smart Infraco

Smart Infraco is the technical partner of NITA providing cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to accelerate the pace of digitalisation in Ghana. We offer over 1,000km of high-speed fibre along the eastern corridor of Ghana, a secure Tier 3 data centre infrastructure with backup and disaster recovery, as well as digital solutions that enable businesses and government institutions realise their true digital potential. Smart Infraco provides end-to-end infrastructure solutions in storage, security, support, and advice – to both government and private entities under a single window. By bringing all your hardware, software, and connectivity components into a single, fully integrated system, we improve the performance of your network and other IT (Information Technology) infrastructure to make doing business simpler and easier.  

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Thomas Brien | Head of Marketing | Smart Infraco Ltd.    


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